Just K Jewellery

Frequently Asked Questions

GIFT PACKAGING: All items come wrapped in coloured tissue paper rather than a "free" gift box. This is to keep the postal charges as low as possible.

PENDANTS: Simple pendants on chains - I choose the type and length of chain that I think is most appropriate for the pendant but will always swap for a different chain for no extra charge. I have ready made 16", 18", 24" and 28" chains in stock but also keep loose/continuous chain in stock so I can make you a chain to your own required length. I can only swap chains before I post the pendant to you.

SRAJD stands for Self Representing Artist Jewellery Designer.
SRAJD members sell jewellery that they have designed and created themselves. When you purchase from an SRAJD member, you are buying directly from and supporting the artist.

ABOUT MY HANDMADE RESIN PIECES: All the resin pieces have been handmade by me in my workshop at home. I use crystal resin which is a fabulously versatile product as it cures to a beautiful, glass-like finish. I embed all kinds of items as well as tinting it with dyes, glass paints and pigments to create a rainbow of colours. I use ready made moulds as well as making my own moulds from a variety of found items. It can be a lengthy process as you create the design in layers, letting the resin cure, or partly cure, between each layer. Many of my pendants are original and unique - a one off.

The pieces made with real sweets are fun and intended to make you smile but they are not toys and should be kept away from children who may be tempted to put them in their mouth and they could cause choking if swallowed.