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The White Company

The White Company Available

Price: £23.50

1 in stock.

This product is not available to buy.

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Image of The White Company Image of The White Company

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Tags: Collectable, Fiction, Medieval


The White Company

By Arthur Conan Doyle.

Strange Binding see pics

This isn't for sale (yet) I've got it here in the hopes that someone can throw some light on what the cover is about.

from the look I'd say between the wars, the swastika confuses me, Scottish publishing house.

If you're curious the story is a medieval 'romp' and all about being English and all rather fun with lots of fighting and some climbing and kissing if memory serves me right. Please do contact me if you can tell me anything about this book..

Click 'contact' above to email me or facebook if you like.

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2nd class - UK only = £3.35
1st class - UK only = £3.75
BFPO = £3.75
Airmail - Europe = £6.25
Airmail - Rest of World = £10.75

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