Monster Padlocks
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MONSTER Combination Padlocks   

                                      Strong * Secure * Safe




The Monster combination padlock has a unique internal security mechanism unlike a conventional combination padlock. 


The Monster combination padlock gives nothing away as all the mechanisms inside padlock are anodised in dark brown / black so you cannot see anything from the outside, and the gap is tight to a point that a magnifying glass is also useless. Even at this high tolerance it still works very smoothly to the finger and does not hinder any motion of the dials.


The body of the Monster combination padlock is made from pure Zinc Alloy, which is very tough and hard wearing. If you drop it or try to smash it, it will not crack like some cheap brittle metal composite padlocks. Being a combination padlock, you cannot pick the padlock and of course you can change the combination as many times as you wish.

The shackle is made of hardened steel

Easy to use.


SETTING UP YOUR PERSONAL COMBINATION    -   sssh dont' tell anyone !

Your new resettable combination padlock is preset to open at 000  (even though the dials may be positioned at other numbers).

To reset the combination:


Turn the dials and align the numbers vertically to 0-0-0-0 so they are clearly visible and aligned inside the windows.


Pull up the shackle and turn it 90 degrees anti-clockwise ( to the left) to align the projection on the shackle with the notch on the lock body.


Press the shackle down and keep the shackle in the down position (DO NOT RELEASE UNTIL STEP 4 IS COMPLETED)


Now turn the dials to reset your combination to your desired code.  (please ensure the new combination is perfectly aligned).


Release the shackle and return the shackle back to the original position.  Your personal combination is now ready to use.

Keep your combination in a safe and accessible place for future reference.

Packaging is recyclable !

Size matters:

Total height of the Monster Padlock 7cm

Hardened shackle thickness 4.5mm

Funky different colours to choose from     

Please indicate which colour you need when ordering.  You will initally be provided with three colour choices, but can make your preferred colour choices in the comments box within the final payment page :-

Burnt Orange

Apple Green





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Monster Combination Padlocks

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