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Quillow shop:           Quillows for sale

Quillow = Quilt + Pillow

Cuddle up in a soft, cotton quillow.

              These bright and cheery Indian quilts fold up to look like cushions when not in use.

Comfort doesn't have to cost the earth-Natural Quillows are ethical, eco-friendly and economical!

Quillows are magic quilts -great for using as pillows or snuggling up in front of the telly, helping to save on the heating bills. When not needed for comfort, they fold up and look great as cushions.

Have them in the sitting room. Keep one in the car for comfort and you have an emergency blanket. No more extra bedding to fill your storage cupboard for guests-just scatter these quillows on sofas and beds, childrens' rooms, holiday homes and caravans and whip them open when needed.

Our quillow is a Jaipuri Razai which looks good as a cushion and converts easily into a quilt with a pocket to keep your feet extra warm. A Jaipuri razai is an Indian Quilt-cuddly, soft, most comfortable, lightweight, pure cotton and machine washable.

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