Sindy the doll you love to dress
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MADE IN HONG KONG 3 055X Gypsy Cocktail Time Poster Puff Sleeves Spring Date 1974 43061 Sindy Doll Shoes Buggy Lilo Camper Buggy Pink Wardrobe Made In England Camping Buggy And Foldaw Camper Camping 44542 Undie World Matilda Sindy In Good Condition 1985 Sindy Hostess Trolley Chest Of Drawers Bath 1977 Scenesetters Ruby Partworks 1960s Fashions Centre Part Pedigree Accessories Sindy Blouse Mod Suit Shirt Casual Shirt Eastham E Line Oven Unit Sindy Nylons Hong Kong Label VGC Sindy Duffle Coat Black Nylons 12SSP Paul Fashions Fashion Doll Ballet Sindy Never Removed From Box Sindy And Patti Sindy Ballet Teacher Coffee Party S208 Sideboard Green Corduroy Green Cord Sindy Smock Dress Smock Dress Made In Irish Republic 1980's Sindy Ash Blonde Sindy Doll Maid Of Honour Pedigree Sindy Boxes Leayher Looker Sindy Skirt Country Walk Jacket Sindy Hong Hong Label Sindy Inside My Closet Book Fashion Identification Patch Doll Fashions Starlight Sindy Brunette Sindy Vintage Sindy Sirdar 1970s Scenesetters Eastham E-line Floor Cupb 1976 Kitchen 44549 Pedigree Sindy Kitchen Un Colour Magic Sindy 1985 First Romance Sindy Childhood Memories Masquerade Sindy Sindy Soft New Sindy Doll Eastham E Line Kitchen Units 033126x 033127x 1976 Trendy Girl 1975 Funtime Sindy Side Part Sindy Premier Sindy 033055X Vintage Pedigree Sindy Hard Head Brown Pedigree Sindy Shoes Sindy Court Shoes Off White White Patch Doll Pegigree 9 Inch 1967 Pedigree Sindy Kitchen Pedigree Sindy Skirt Leather Looker Vintage Sindy Clothes 1965 Mam'selle Doll Dress Sindy Dress And Scarf 1963 Lunch Date 1960's Sindy Fashion Out And About My Fair Sindy Fair Lady Outfit My Fair Sindy Outfit 1982 Sindy Fashions Pedigree Sindy Fashion HTF Springtime Bag 1982 Springtime Outfit Yellow Shoes NIP Sindy's Little Sister T L Illingworth Washday 1980s Sindy Side Parting 1984 Beach Party Sindy Auburn Sindy Black Body Warmer Grey Jodphurs Horse Riding Riding Out Tartan Cuffs & Collar Red Sweat With Pony Motif Separates Patch Fashions 1968 Easter Parade Dress Pale Pink 1980's Casuals Funtime Sindy Very Good Condition Pop Art / Op Art Hat Vintage Sindy Fashion 1977 Two Stools In Knock- 2 Bar Stools Yellow Raincoat & Sou'wes Sou'wester Outfit Pedigree Patch Doll Fashions Sindy's Sister Patch Easter Parade Sindy Label Variation 1975 Funtime Red Head Sindy Sad Face Sindy 12s51 1983 Sindy Fashions Casuals Skirt And Top La Z Boy Windy Day Hat & Scarf 1963 Sindy Hat & Scarf Pedigree 12S54 1963 Skating Girl Sindy Skating Girl Pedigree 12S05 12S73 Sindy Coat Reefer Jacket Talk With Me Sindy Hasbro Sindy Doll Pedigree Patch Doll Shoes Blonde Disco Magic Sindy 1984 Pedigree Sindy Vintage Dolls Collectable Dolls Hard To Find Sindy Pedigree Doll Boxed Dolls 1977 Cook In Bunches Sindy Oven Wall Unit Hard Head Sindy 1974 Pedigree Sindy Sindy Readhead Original Outfit 2002 Sindy Vivid Imaginations 1976 Pedigree Sindy Ash Blonde Sindy Purple Sindy Shoes

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1977 Sindy Bathroom Gift Set 44413 Bath Toilet Washbasin Boxed

1977 Sindy Bathroom Gift Set 44413 Bath Toilet Washbasin Boxed


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Image of 1977 Sindy Bathroom Gift Set 44413 Bath Toilet Washbasin Boxed Image of 1977 Sindy Bathroom Gift Set 44413 Bath Toilet Washbasin Boxed

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Tags: 1977 Scenesetters, Sindy Bathroom, Sindy Gift Set

Sindy the doll you love to dress Sindy Toys & Games > Toys > Dolls, Playsets & Toy Figures > Dollhouse Accessories

Introduced in 1977 this boxed Sindy gift set is in excellent condition.

The box may have had the tokens cut out but other than that everything is in excellent condition

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Multiple Purchase UK = £2.00
UK = £3.95

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for selling 1977 Sindy Bathroom Gift Set 44413 Bath Toilet Washbasin Boxed out of 40 reviews.

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