netty swell illustrations
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Netty Swell Illustrations

Illustrations by Annette J Sewell

For Children's Picture Books.

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Day-dreaming, Izzy ran along the path jumping in the puddles while three magical raindrops fell from the clouds.

Splash, Splash, Splosh and so their adventure began...

The creation of Izzy and her imaginary friends came about on a rainy afternoon in that muddled and spontaneous way my life seems to happen.

I tripped over, falling face down into a muddy puddle, Splash! The puddle rippled into what appeared to be a horse - bedazzled with each raindrop that fell I imagined another scene...

Sitting down at the kitchen table, dishevelled, pen poised in a bruised and grubby hand, muddy drops of water fell from my brow blotching the paper, I began to write...

Spots, horses, rain, oh so much fun, jumping in puddles, getting soaked to the skin and being covered from head to toe in mud. Something every little person should do, sorry grown-ups!

I loved every moment drawing, Izzy, Splish, Splash and Splosh, creating them digitally, (in 22 enchanting and captivating illustrations) on a tablet computer. I hope that together you love and enjoy them too.

SPLISH SPLASH SPLOSH, an ebook suitable for story time, bedtime or even Splish, Splash, Sploshtime.

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