Triang Minic Ships from CN Collectables
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Whats New:
Invincible class aircraft carrier used. P 700 Triang Minic
Cunard RMS Saxonia liner. Playworn.Triang 1st series
HMS Duncan D37 type 45 destroyer on card Triang Minic
HMS DEFENDER Type 45 destroyer on card Triang Minic

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Hi and welcome to Triang Minic Ships from CN  Collectables.

New website at with  over 200 listings, mostly ships. 

The last newsletter went out in June and another one is due next week 16th October. Newsletters and articles are then stored in the library of the new site.

The new site has removed the issues such as postage totals and categories that we have been unable to persuade the GCart developers to solve despite having 6 years to do it.

It will also be able to offer all sorts of  things for sale such as model railways, books and music from my collected ephemera. This site will continue to act as a Triang shop window as will our Ebay Shop too.

cheers for now

Clive, CN Collectables 

 Contact us on

If you have overpaid on postage and I haven't refunded you please email me a reminder.

 Don't forget that the email address above is my direct address if you have queries about anything. that is

Yours in ships

Clive                                          Autumn 2017

Merchant and Harbour Ships

Royal Navy

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Featured Items:
Delta Tankers Aframax Oil tanker. Triang Minic ships. P632
Bulk carrier China Steel Enterprises from Triang Minic Ships P641
USS Spruance US Navy Destroyer
Set of Breakwaters and Lights for Harbour. Triang Minic
Floating Crane Triang Minic Ships.

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