Triang Minic Ships from CN Collectables
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Whats New:
2nd series RMS CANBERRA.Playworn.
United States Liner 2nd Series playworn condition
Diesel Tugs Blue Funnels (2)
Diesel tugs with red funnels
Steam tugs with blue funnels Triang Minic Ships modern edition

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Hi and welcome to Triang Minic Ships from CN  Collectables.

Our main website is at with  over 800 listings, mostly ships. 

The last newsletter went out in February 2019. Newsletters and articles are then stored in the library of the new site.

The new news is that we have a stock of Mountford model ships, in 1250 scale which is so very close to Triang 1200 and mostly in resin rather than metal. These are all painted and very detailed. Almost hand made they are and made in the UK. There are now more than  150 items on the website.

 cheers for now

Clive and Dave, CN Collectables 

 Contact us on

Yours in ships

Clive                                April 2019

Royal Navy

US Navy

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Featured Items:
Delta Tankers Aframax Oil tanker. Triang Minic ships. P632
Bulk carrier China Steel Enterprises from Triang Minic Ships P641
USS Spruance US Navy Destroyer
Set of Breakwaters and Lights for Harbour. Triang Minic
Floating Crane Triang Minic Ships.

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