Triang Minic Ships from CN Collectables
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Whats New:
M741 HMS VANGUARD BATTLESHIP - 2nd series for TLC bashed
Britannia Royal Yacht Triang 1st Series Playworn
Invincible class aircraft carrier used. P 700 Triang Minic
P840 Type 42 Destroyer - Batch 1 - used
M742 Triang 2nd series Bismarck battleship Playworn dusty intact

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Featured Items:
Delta Tankers Aframax Oil tanker. Triang Minic ships. P632
CMA CGM Container Ship,Triang Minic ships
P840 Type 42 Destroyer - Batch 1 - HMS Newcastle. - Limited edition!
Set of Breakwaters and Lights for Harbour. Triang Minic
Bulk carrier China Steel Enterprises from Triang Minic Ships P641

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Great service once again and excellent products, many thanks!

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Great service and excellent items, much appreciated!

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Excellent service and product as always.

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