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Indigo Natural Hair Dye
Henna Natural Hair Dye
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Soapnuts - BOGOF
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Welcome to Love Henna Hair ~ home of 100% natural hair products. We sell natural hair dyes and natural shampoos and post them free within U.K.

The herbal plants that we have sourced have been used in various forms for thousands of years to dye, clean, heal and disinfect.

 Get away from harmful chemical hair dyes and try our natural hair colours for black, brown, red and orange shades.

 Henna and Indigo Hair Colours from LoveHennaHair are 100% natural so no chemicals!  They are sourced purely from crushed leaves of Henna and Indigo plants;  they are not extracts, have not undergone any treatment process and do not contain man-made chemicals or additives.
Various combinations of Henna and Indigo will produce different shades on different hair types/colours. Take a look at our recipes for more information.

Shikakai and Reetha are gentle hair and body cleansers that do not colour your hair.

Cassia and Amla are used to condition and soften hair. Amla will not dye hair but when combined with Henna can tone down the red of henna. Cassia has a yellow-orange tinge and is a wonderful conditioner.

Soap nuts are natural detergents. Use in the washing machine or make your own Soapnut liquid as a natural substitute for spray cleaners.

Products purchased from LoveHennaHair are 100% natural and as such colour results will vary. LoveHennaHair cannot be held responsible for the results of the products purchased.

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