Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I want my hair an exact shade of brown/red/black, can you guarantee this?
A: No, these are 100% natural products with no chemicals added and therefore variations will occur. We do recommend a strand test before use.

Q:Someone told me that henna has metallic qualities, is this true?
A: NO!! Henna from LoveHennaHair is only made from plants and these plants do NOT have metallic qualities.

Q: I have had an allergic reaction to chemical dyes, will this happen with henna dyes from LoveHennaHair?
A: It shouldn´┐½t. Henna from LoveHennaHair does not have any added chemicals so the only concern would be if you were allergic to henna or indigo which is very rare ´┐½ however it is not completely unheard of so we would recommend a patch test.

Q:Can I use henna or indigo hair dye over chemical dyes?
A: Yes, however, because henna and indigo are natural products the results will vary.

Q: Do you post outside UK?
A: Yes, but please contact us first as there will be an added charge.

Q: Do you accept credit cards and/or debit cards?
A: PayPal is easiest but we have a credit card machine. Please ring 01494 433315 to pay over the phone.

Q: Who should I make the cheque out to?
A: Please make cheques payable to Natural Quilts.

Hair Mix Recipes:
Please remember that these colours are an estimate. These are natural dye products so an exact shade cannot be guaranteed. Experimentation is the key.
Strand tests are highly recommended for both a colour check and allergy check (though allergies to these natural products are very rare)

If you use pure henna the following colours will take effect:
Blonde - Vivid Red
Dark Blonde - Vibrant Red
Red - Vibrant Red
Medium Brown - Auburn
Dark Brown - Dark Auburn
Black - Black with Red shimmer
Grey - Coppery Red

If you use 1/2 indigo and 1/2 henna, the following colours will take effect:
Blonde - Medium Brown
Dark Blonde - Medium Brown
Red - Medium Brown
Medium Brown - Medium Brown
Dark Brown -

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