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Soapnuts - BOGOF

Soapnuts - BOGOF Available

Price: £12.00

Pack of 160 = 160-200 washes
19 in stock.

Quantity: Please enter a quantity.Your quantity must be a whole number.Your quantity can not be less than 1.There are only 19 in stock.

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Tags: Cleaning, Cleanser, Clothes, Colours, Delicates, Detergent, Natural, Natural Detergent, Silk, Soap, Soap Nuts, Soapnuts, Wash, Washing, Wool

LoveHennaHair Love Henna Hair Home & Garden > Household Supplies > Laundry Supplies > Laundry Detergent

Buy One Get One Free!!
Special offer!!Just order one packet of soapnuts and we will include an extra packet in your parcel - For Free.
(AND postage within UK included - for international postage please contact us before placing your order)

A natural detergent for use in washing machines
Gets your laundry fresh and clean
Keeps colours bright, ideal for woollens and silks Allergy-free, good for sensitive skin
Eco-friendly, biodegradable, chemical free
Economical compared to other detergents 5 soap nuts per wash- reuse 5-8 times
Make your own liquid shampoo/household cleaner
A fair-trade product grown without pesticides.

The shell of soap nuts contains a natural detergent called �saponin� which is released when it comes in contact with water and creates mild suds. The hard inner nuts can neither be eaten or used for washing and soap nuts are sometimes sold as halved shells with the seed removed. Our soap nuts are sold whole as the friction they produce helps clean the clothes better.

How to use: Just put 5-6 soap nuts in the washbag provided, place in the washing machine drum along with the load, and wash as usual (40 degrees ideally).

Your washing will come out fresh, clean and soft so no need to add a conditioner. If you want fragrance, add a few drops of essential oil in the softener drawer. They work well with colours and delicate fabrics such as wool and silk but not recommended for whites. As they contain no bleach, the whites tend to become grey after a few washes.

*Can also be made into a liquid cleanser by boiling soapnuts in water for 30 minutes, leaving overnight and sieving the next day.

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