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A combination of 100% natural products to create a vibrant red hair dye. 

For those of you who find henna too orangey, we have added other 100% natural herbs and berries to give a bright red shade.

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Rubia cordifolia                MANJISHTHA    

Terminalia chebula  retz    HARAD

Indigo fera tinctoria          INDIGO  

Lawsonia inermis             HENNA

Punica granatum              POMEGRANATE

Prunus spirosa                 BLACKTHORN


As this is a natural product, exact colours/tones cannot be guaranteed.  We recommend a strand test before use.

You will require 100g of powder for every six inches of hair. Curly hair will need more. 200g is usually enough for shoulder length hair.

Mix in a bowl with warm water before applying - about 300ml for every 100gms should give you the correct coating consistency but it can vary with the level of humidity in the air. Mix well to remove lumps. Add some more water if it feels dryish otherwise it will not coat the strands properly.

Wearing gloves, apply paste on sections of hair with a brush or fingers, making sure the paste reaches the roots. Ensure that the paste covers all parts of hair.

It is advisable to wear a shower cap on the head. Leave the paste on your hair for between 45 minutes and 4 hours- the longer it is left, the deeper the colour.

Rinse hair thoroughly with water and shampoo as usual.

As this is a natural product, exact colours cannot be guaranteed.

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