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Composer Description Publisher Cat No Facsimile   Price + -  
Schlegel A. & Luedtke
Andreas Schlegel & Joachim Luedtke:  The Lute in Europe 2.  Lutes, Guitars, Mandolins ...The Lute CornerLIE 2No=£30.00Buy Me

Thiemo Wind
Thiemo Wind: Jacob van Eyck and the Others – Dutch Solo Repertoire for Recorder in the Golden A...KoninklijkeJVE 01No=£85.00Buy Me

Martin Erhardt
MARTIN ERHARDT:  Improvisation mit Ostinatobaessen aus dem 16. bis 18. Jahrhundert.Teaching mat...Edition WalhallEW 905No=£27.00Buy Me

Catharina Meints Caldw
CATHARINA MEINTS CALDWELL:  The Caldwell Collection of Viols: A Life Together in the Pursuit of...Music Word MediaNoneNo=£37.50Buy Me

ULRIKE ENGELKE:  Musik und Sprache / Music and LanguageInterpretation of Early Music According ...Edition WalhallAG 1No=£35.00Buy Me

Peter Thalheimer Forgotten and rediscovered: The Recorder. Catalogue of the special e...MUSIKINSTRUMENTEN-MUSETR 3No=£49.50No Stock

EDGAR HUNT:  The Recorder and its Music.The Recorder has a long and honourable history, culmina...Peacock PressTRMNO=£14.45Buy Me

Mimmo Peruffo:   Equal tension, equal feel and scaled tension.The field of historical set-...AquilaAquila 002No=£15.00Buy Me

Daniela Gaidano:  Tables on the Evolution of Strings in the Violin Family.AquilaAquila 003No=£12.00Buy Me

50 Renaissance and Baroque Standards (English version) by GĂ©rard Reboursand Pas...FuzeauFF 06369No=£20.00No Stock

Weinman M
Matthew Weinman:  The Renaissance Fake Book, "Ballads, Dances, and Sundry Tunes", vol.1. Popula...Peacock PressTTP 001No=£30.00Buy Me

Weinman M
Matthew Weinman:  The Continuo Players Book of Grounds is a compendium of 50 Baroque Grounds, P...Peacock PressTTP 002No=£27.00Buy Me

Weinman M
Matthew Weinman:  The Renaissance Musicians Booke of GroundsA compendium of 62 Renaissance...Peacock PressTTP 003No=£20.00Buy Me

Weinman M
Matthew Weinman:  Popular Elizabethan Lute Music Vol 1. The first in a series of lute tablature...Peacock PressTTP 004No=£20.00Buy Me

BEN SALFIELD:The Lutenist's Handbook is a pragmatic overview of the art of playing renaissance lute....Peacock PressPLS 009No=£15.00Buy Me

Burton A.
A Performer’s Guide to Music of the Baroque Period, second edition. Series editor: Anthony Burton....ABRSMABRSM 0384No=£11.95Buy Me

Muskett D & M
(20th C.)
Doreen Muskett’s Hurdy-Gurdy Method, first published in 1979, has proved of immense value to playe...Peacock PressP-MUSKETTNo=£35.00Buy Me

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