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Composer Description Publisher Cat No Facsimile   Price + -  

The Award-winning Full-colour facsimile edition of Eton College Library MS. 178 produced by Dia...University Of OxfordMS 178Facsimile=£195.00Buy Me

Melani, Alessandro (1639-1703): Quai bellici accenti ascolti, mio core?for soprano, trumpet & b....Edition WalhallEW 198No=£20.00Buy Me

'O Spettacolo pur troppo funesto' - Cantata for soprano, 2 viol da gamba, lute/guitar/kbd & org...Edition WalhallEW 432No=£24.50Buy Me

William Byrd
William Byrd (c1543 - 1623):  Masses for 3, 4 and 5 voices A full-colour facsi...DIAMM PUBLICATIONSDIAMM 003Facsimile=£29.95Buy Me

Guillaume De Machaut
Guillaume de Machaut (c.1300-1377):  Introduction by Lawrence Earp.  Art historical commen...DIAMM PUBLICATIONSDIAMM 005Facsimile=£560.00Buy Me

Various Composers
(early 16th C.)
The Anne Boleyn Music Book. Facsimile and Introductory Study by Thomas Schmidt and David Skinner, wi...DIAMM PublicationsDIAMM 006Facsimile=£70.00Buy Me

Avison Charles
Dirge for Romeo and Juliet for Soprano, two violins & BC. Composer: Charles Avison (1709-1770)Ed...Peacock PressPEMS 064No=£11.00Buy Me

Various Composers
Thalia. A Collection of Six Favourite SongsSoprano or Tenor, 2 violins & BC.Words: David Garrick...Peacock PressPEMS 079No=£13.50Buy Me

Benedetto Marcello
Facsimile, Venice 1724. SPESCB 016Facsimile=£25.65Buy Me

Possenti Pellegrino
Canzonette & arie for one voice, Magni Venezia 1625, Facsimile.SPESCB 020Facsimile=£20.25Buy Me

Various Composers
Baryton and voice at the Vienna Hofkapelle: works by Antonio Draghi, Attilio Ariosti & Johann Jo...Peacock PressP 116No=£11.50Buy Me

Conti Francesco
Barytons, Voice & Mandolins at the Vienna Hofkapelle by Francesco Bartolomeo Conti. Aria: Adorna...Peacock PressP 151No=£13.50Buy Me

Henry VIII
Full colour facsimile with introductory study by David FallowsPublished in August 2014, the Hen...DIAMM PUBLICATIONSDIAMM 004Facsimile=£120.00Buy Me

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