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Google Checkout Merchant ID / Merchant Key

Google Checkout

You can change your Google Checkout details from the Payment Methods page (requires login)

If you already have a Google Checkout account, please enter your Merchant ID and Key in these boxes so customers can pay through this method.

Leave blank if you do not wish to use Google Checkout.

Google Checkout is a method that allows credit cards to be be used easily online.

Required: No
Min Length: 0
Max Length: 50
Encrypted: Yes
Change Via: Payment Methods page (requires login)

Google Checkout

Google Checkout

How to setup Google Checkout:

There are TWO steps. It is important that BOTH steps are followed:

Detailed instructions:

Open two browser windows, one GroovyCart Admin Panel -> Payment Methods and the other for Google Checkout.

Step 1: Setting up Google Checkout
Step 2: Setting up Google Checkout
Step 3: Setting up Google Checkout
Step 4: Setting up Google Checkout


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