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Adding Facebook Comments to your shop.  

Comments on your products are a great way to gain trust from potential customers by making your shop feel more friendly and less corporate.

The Facebook comments box allows your customers and others who may be browsing your shop pages, to comment on your products, these comments will be visible to their Facebook 'friends' and therefore, potentially drive more traffic your way and hopefully urge them to shop with you.

Adding Facebook comments to your shop couldn't be easier, we have integrated this facility into your shop, you can turn this on and off from the 'Optional Settings' page. You don't have to have a Facebook account to use this facility but it will allow those who have, to share your products with their contacts.

Customers are more likely to buy from you if they have been recommended to you by a friend!

Comments are also very important to Google and other search engines. When search engines see that someone has commented on your product it shows the search engines that the page is being interacted with and this will give it a boost in their rankings. Also any comments that are left will be counted in your favour when they are looking for keywords.

Your customers can leave comments on your products using their Facebook account.
Your customers can leave comments on your products using their Facebook account.
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