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Our Cookie Policy:

Whats with that big ugly message you keep displaying to me GroovyCart?

As you probably see on every website you visit all sites in the EU are forced to inform you of what cookies they need to make their website function properly.

We whole heartedly disagree with this nonsensical European law, however apparently disagreeing with a law isn't grounds to disobey it. So follow we must.

Below is a bit of information about cookies and how we use them.

Cookies are small harmless bits of text that we can save on your computer to allow us to do basic functionality like log you in. We don't save any personal information in them and if you were to look at them (and you can go and look at them now from the settings menu) you would just see they are gibberish.

If you are still not convinced clicking this link will remove all the cookies we save on your computer.

The different categories of cookies we save:

  • Session - We have two types of session cookie; One remembers if you are logged in and the other one remembers if you have goods in your basket.
  • Settings - Sometimes we save settings that are browser dependent, you probably never notice them but a good example is the sliding panel on our homepage, we remember which slide you saw last so you're not always looking at the same one.
  • How you found us - We need to know if we are spending our marketing money the right way and we also like to reward the people that help us and invite their friends to use GroovyCart.
  • Advert - to generate revenue (You wouldn't take that away from us would you?)
  • And now a cookie to remember if we need to show you the messages about saving cookies. (daft huh?)

Also because our shop owners can use their own domain, we sometimes save these cookies over multiple domains.

tldr: yeah we save cookies.

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