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I want to customise my online shop  

If you have your own website or brand, you will want to create a GroovyCart shop to reflect your image. We have developed a really simple system that you can use to create a GroovyCart shop to compliment your other sites.


Use Templates  

There are a number of pre-designed templates available for your use, to give you an instant professional look. (Free of charge)


Design & Style Your Own GroovyCart Shop  

The colour scheme editor allows you to select the colours you require for each section to create your perfect shop.

There are even some pre-designed colour schemes to get you started.

An example of a shop using a template.
An example of a shop using a template.

Easy to use colour picker.
Easy to use colour picker.

There are many other ways that you can customise your GroovyCart shop:

Product Layouts

Below are a number of different product layouts, choose the one that suits your needs.

List layout

This is great for displaying lots of products where the product titles, price and description will be important for your customers.

Grid Layout

This is great for shops selling products where the image is the most important selling point, this is perfect for shops selling art for example.

Sliding Layout

This layout hides some of the product images and categories until the customer hovers their mouse over the product, once their mouse is over the product it slides open to reveal more images and the product description. This is perfect for helping customers drill into the product they want.

Example List layout.
Example List layout.
Example Grid layout.
Example Grid layout.
Example Sliding layout.
Example Sliding layout.

Add Your Own Banner  

Add your logo to the top of all your shop pages, this helps with brand recognition and is great if you have a blog or a static website that has the same banner. This gives a really joined up feeling to your online presence and branding.


Your homepage is your shop front, this needs to look great at all times. It is a good idea to regularly update this with information about you, your GroovyCart business, your stock etc. We help you with some aspects of this by allowing you to add dynamic content like what's new, products from a selected category and items in a promotion. This dynamic content will automatically update when you change your products.

You are also welcome to add HTML to your homepage as well as any text you like with our homepage editor. And if you don't know how to style HTML you can just copy your text from any word processor and it will keep all the formatting.

Widgets (sidebars)  

Widgets are our name for the editable sidebars, you can select what items you wish to be displayed down the left and right sides of your shop.

These are the widgets you can use:

  • Twitter Feed, direct feed from a Twitter account.
  • Twitter Link, link to a Twitter account.
  • Facebook Faces, display the faces of members of a Facebook Page.
  • Facebook Feed, direct feed from a Facebook Page Wall.
  • Facebook Link, link to a Facebook Page.
  • Google+, link to +1 a Google+ page with faces of other members.
  • Google+, link to a Google+ account.
  • YouTube, link to a YouTube account.
  • LinkedIn, link to a LinkedIn account.
  • Tumblr, link to a Tumblr Blog.
  • LiveJournal, link to a LiveJournal Blog.
  • Blogger, link to a Blogger Blog.
  • Blog.com, link to a Blog.com Blog.
  • Newsletter, allows your customers enter their E-mail address to sign up to your newsletter.
  • What's New, displays a selection of your latest products.
  • Featured products, displays products of your choice.
  • Payment methods, displays the payment methods that you accept.
  • Share me, displays some links to popular social sharing/networking sites.
  • Feedback, displays your most recent feedbacks.
  • Refer shops, displays an image that if clicked will mark you as their referrer if that customer opens a GroovyCart shop.
  • Multiple blog widgets, displays posts or recent comments from your blog.
  • Tag cloud, displays all the tags on your products .
  • Promotions, displays a selection of products that are on promotion on your shop.
  • Website Links, this allows you to add multiple links to other websites.
  • RSS, this links to your RSS file which displays updates to your shop.
  • Rating, we give all our shops a rating, be proud and display this.
  • iPhone app, links to the page that lets your customers download an app for the iPhone that shows updates to your shop.
  • ParcelMonkey, Display the ParcelMonkey logo, to show that you use this reliable, door to door service.

Product Description

Our product editor uses the same text editor as the homepage allowing you to add HTML to your product page as well as styled text. Don't worry if you don't know how to program webpages or HTML you can copy text from your word processor and all the formatting and styling will, in most cases be kept, this makes it so easy to add stylish product descriptions.

Edit your product description.
Edit your product description.

Advanced CSS

Add your own CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to define the look and feel of your shop. And if you don't know how to use CSS we give you some excellent examples on how you can practically use it on your shop. There are many CSS tutorials online if you want to give it a try.

Just some interesting stats:  

Main reason why users abandon the purchase of a product: (2011)

No image: 67%
Limited text 61%
Poor image: 58%
Need to download something to view the product: (i.e. Flash) 58%
Long loading times: 33%

Data from Bing conference

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