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How to get your own domain for your shop:

Everyone wants to have their own domain, it increases buyer confidence and a good domain will be easy for your customers to remember and improve your Google ranking.

The domain name is what your customers will type into the URL bar to get to your shop
The domain name is what your customers will type into the URL bar to get to your shop.

It is really easy to add your own domain to your GroovyCart shop.

Choosing the right domain for your shop:

If you don't already have a domain name in mind here are some tips that will help you pick a good domain, and if you know what domain you want keep reading because we may have some useful tips to help you improve it.

Brainstorm some keywords that are related to your product and think about what your customer would type into Google if they were looking for your product and write it all down on a piece of paper.

You will then have to play round with these words to see if you can come up with something unique to you. It may feel like all the good domain names are gone, however I feel this makes for more innovative and creative names.

You can have more than one domain so you may want to have a short one that you give out to your customers and a longer one that has been SEOed to the max.

If possible make it easy for your customers to remember and spell. It it likely that you will have to tell this domain to potential customers face to face, so having something memorable will be really beneficial.

When using acronyms you will have to use your own discretion, normally they can be hard to remember and meaningless for customers and Google, however clever acronyms can be easy to type and catchy.

We think it is important to stay away from hyphens, underscores and other punctuation, numbers are also notoriously bad to use.

Bad examples of domain names:

  • www.bookz.com (miss spelling)
  • www.isso.co.uk (acronym that has no meaning)
  • www.place4books.co.uk (uses a number that could be mistaken)
  • www.the_book-shop.co.uk (bad grammar that is easy to get wrong)
  • www.pluto.co.uk (has no relation to what they are selling)

Pick a domain that is short enough to remember but long enough to get at least one good keyword in for Google.

Should I buy .com .co.uk or both?

An example of what each part of a URL does.
An example of what each part of a URL does.

If you are selling to customers in the UK getting the .co.uk domain will give you a slight boost to the search engine ranking, however because of the popularity of .com domain names it is likely customers will assume you use a .com domain.

If you desperately want to own both that is not a problem because you can point them both to your shop and that way you will get the best of both, however this can work out expensive especially if you want to have more than one second level domain.

Here at GroovyCart we are really keen to push the fact we are a British company when there are so many large American companies out there. Since becoming popular the .com version of our domain has inevitably been bought, however this is not something we mind, the .co.uk domain address was intended for companies like us.

Find out about top level domain names.

Just some interesting stats and figures:  

The most paid for a domain is £10.4 million and that was for Insure.com in 2009.

All of the one, two and three letter domain names have been purchased.

The maximum length of a domain name is 63 characters.

In 2010 there were 120 million registered domain names.

Mostly taken from Wikipedia (2012)

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