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Getting Your Shop Higher on Search Engines

  • Fill in the Google Merchant optional information about your product, Google will favour products that have this information filled in over other products. Especially the GTIN number if you can.
  • Use tags on products, search engines will see these as important words.
  • When you write your descriptions make sure you use words your customers will put in search engines.
  • Select a good shop category.
  • In the description and title of products put words that describe the product images. This might sound silly but search engines can't 'see' the images so make sure you describe what colour the product is and other features that are in the images.
  • Change the homepage, the homepage is a great place to sneak in words and phrases that your customers will search, so be descriptive on your home page talk about your products and yourself.
  • Link from other websites to your GroovyCart shop, if you have another website link to your GroovyCart shop, not only will this bring people to your shop but many search engines will favour websites that other websites link to.
  • Post links to your shop on forums and other websites that are related to the products on your shop.
  • If you use a shop name that is associated with the products you sell, Google will see it as an important keyword for your shop.
  • When you pick your colours make sure you don't have any text the same colour as the background it is on, search engines don't like this
  • Make full use of the FAQ, Delivery Information and Returns Policy.

Please Note: We upload new and changed products to Google once a day, normally early in the morning (GMT).

Please Note: Many search engines like: Google, Yahoo, Bing, Windows Live, Ask, AOL, Tiscali and many other visit us every day to look for new content, however we have no control over these, and they will add the content they find as they please.


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