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What are Hits?

Hits are the total number of times your shop pages have been seen in the last 30 days, if the same person looks at your home page and then a product on your shop that will count as 2 hits.

We will update your hits once every 24 hours (normally during the night GMT).

Every time you look at a page on your shop it is counted in your hits.

When a search engine views your site this will NOT count as a hit.

What are Unique Visitors?

Unique visitors are the number of different people that have been to your shop. if someone looks at your home page and then a product on your shop this will only count as 1 unique visitor.

This is a good estimate but may not always be entirely correct.

What are Search Engine hits?

These hits are made by search engine viewing your shop, this is a good indication of when they are updating their information about your site.


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