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Setting up Delivery Prices

One of the first things you should do once you have created your online shop is to set up delivery methods and prices.

Delivery prices can be setup from the Edit Postage Bands page (requires login)

Example postage band


Postage band: A postage band is the combination of a single band name (the size of the package) and all the postage methods associated with that size of package.

Band name: This is the name given to the size of the package you wish to send. An example of three postage bands you may use are: Small, Medium and Large.

Postage method: This is the type of postage that you will use. Three examples of postage bands you may use are: Royal Mail First Class, Royal Mail Second Class, ParcelForce.

P&P Price: This the the price of the postage method plus the packaging used for that size (postage band) package.

Setting up your price bands

First you will need to decide on a standard package size that you will use, a good example would be to use the standard sizes that the Royal Mail use; Letter, Large Letter and Packet. But you can use packet sizes that suit you better like; Less than 500g and Greater than 500g or DVD, Video, Book.

Customers can see the names and prices of your delivery bands if they go to the top of your delivery information page.

You should then decide what postage methods and prices are suitable for each of these package sizes. for example:


  • Next day delivery = £3
  • Recorded delivery = £2.50
  • First class = £2
  • Second class = £1
  • First class = £2.50
  • Second class = £1.50
  • Snail mail = 50p
  • Next day delivery = £2.50
  • Second class = £1.50

Note: You are allowed to have as many Price Bands as you like and as many Postage Methods linked to a single band.

To enter the DVD Price Band you would input:

Example postage band

The postage Size goes in the Band Name box, and all the postage methods for that package size go underneath it.

Then click 'Save Postage Bands' at the bottom of the page to save this and then you can add another postage band.

Your new postage band will now be displayed at the top of the page.

Example postage band

Once you have your postage band set up it will be on the delivery prices dropdown when you add a new product.

Example postage band

Linking a price band to a product

Linking a band to a product is very easy, first you must have at least one price band set up. Then on the add product page using the drop down next to P&P Price Band you can select any of the price bands you have made.

Example postage band

The prices that this Price Band uses will be displayed right of the dropdown box, you should check these before you save the product.

Editing delivery bands

To edit a delivery band all you need to do is find the band you want to edit from the top of the page, and change the delivery methods and prices to the new ones you want. Then at the bottom of the page click 'Save Postage Bands' to save your changes.

Example postage band

To change the name of a postage band you must first delete all of the delivery methods in that band, and renter them with the new name at the bottom of the page.

Adding more postage options to an existing band

If you have your postage bands set up but you wish to add a new postage method onto an existing band you do NOT need to delete all of the postage options and start again, but you can just add them in as usual at the bottom of the page and use the same postage band name as the group you wish to add them into.


If you have a Book postage band with 3 delivery methods already set up, and you want to add Next Day Delivery to the 3 existing band, then you add Book as the name of the postage band and then add the new delivery method and price as normal, and it will be added to the list of possible delivery methods.

Note: You may have more than 8 postage methods on a single band.

Deleting Delivery Bands

If you wish to delete a postage method tick the delete button next to the one you want to delete and click 'Save Postage Bands'

If you wish to delete a whole delivery band tick all of delete buttons next to all of the postage methods in that band and then click 'Save Postage Bands'

More than 8 Postage methods

It is possible to have more than 8 delivery methods for a single band, to do this you must first enter the delivery band as usual filling in all 8 of the postage methods and save that, then fill in delivery band with the same name that you used before and add in as many more postage options as you require.


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