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What are Widgets?

The columns on the far left and far right hand side of your shop pages are where your widgets are displayed. Widgets are additional content to help you promote your shop and provide more information to your customers. The Edit Widgets Page (requires login) automatically displays all of the widgets available to you.

Example of widgets

How to I move widgets around?

The widgets can be moved around so they are displayed in different orders within your columns and also some of them can be turned off so they are not displayed on your shop. Most of the widgets are set to off by default giving you the option to see what's available and allowing you to choose which ones to display.

The first column indicates the name of the widget; by hovering over the name you will be shown an image of what the widget looks like.

Turing widgets on and off:

The next along is the radio button to turn the widget on or off. When the widget is turned on you are provided with more options on where you would like to place it. The addition and removal of widgets is done via the Edit Widgets page simply by turning them on or off.

The next radio button is marked left side and right side which refers to which column you would like to display the widget.

Moving widgets around:

The final setting is the order box. The order the widgets are displayed in is controlled by a number system with number 1 being the topmost and 10 being at the bottom of the page. So to choose the order of your widgets just number them accordingly to which you want displayed first and so on.

The navigation bar, basket contents display and quick search cannot be moved or removed as these are required content for your shop. The advert box cannot be turned off on free shops. If a shop has upgraded the adverts are automatically removed.


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