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How can I sell securely online?  

Here at Groovycart we take security very seriously, this is one of our top priorities. We know that privacy and security is of the utmost importance when customers are buying online, we have put in measures to ensure that all personal information is secure and that your customers can make transactions with confidence.

We worry about security so you don't have to.

  • All passwords are one-way encrypted (as soon as you enter your password it is encrypted and can never be reversed), using industry standard algorithms. No one, not even the staff can find out what your password is (and we will never ask for it).
  • Key items of your personal information are encrypted at database level, again using industry standard algorithms.
  • All payment transactions are done securely with SSL 128bit encryption. This is an industry standard encryption that stops attackers reading your payment information when you send it to us.
  • Access to the database is restricted to the GroovyCart application and to technical staff only.
  • Your personal data is encrypted, even the technical staff cannot read it.
  • The backups are specific to our server set-up and the data remains encrypted.
  • All data, including backups, are held in the UK and only accessed by UK staff and are therefore covered by the Data Protection Act. (for more information on The Data Protection Act and your rights see http://www.opsi.gov.uk/Acts/Acts1998/ukpga_19980029_en_1)
  • We have a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for managing customer contacts, such as customers reporting faults. Our CRM can only be accessed from our internal network (not the world-wide-web). Access to our CRM system is restricted and controlled by user login and roles.
  • When making payment transactions to PayPal, Google Checkout and Ogone we only pass on the bare-minimum of information.
  • No other information is passed on to any third-party companies.
  • We do not hold any credit card information.
  • We use two firewalls to protect our server, a software firewall and a hardware firewall.
  • Cookies, In order to use GroovyCart it is necessary to put a small file, called a cookie, onto your computer. This is used to maintain the session between your computer and the GroovyCart server. If deleted or removed it will be re-created next time you use GroovyCart. This cookie does not contain any personal information.
  • Your IP address is treated as personal information and is retained for security reasons. We do not give your IP address to third-parties or link it to any other information that could be used to build a profile about you.
  • We regularly apply security updates to our Apple Mac Xserve server platform.
  • We are continually checking for security vulnerabilities and patching them when necessary
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