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So you already have an online shop  

If you already have an online shop or an outlet for selling online, there is still great potential for you on GroovyCart. We can become a great alternative route to market working alongside your main website, you may even find your sales on GroovyCart start overtaking your sales elsewhere as we have a great network of buyers and fantastic SEO.

Our shops run perfectly alongside blogs and static websites, giving you an online outlet to sell your goods.

We know your time is important, so we have made our shops quick and easy to set up, once you have added all your products and setup your shop we will E-mail you details of orders, payments and other important events.

GroovyCart is a trusted name with 1000's of sellers already selling with us, and many thousands of buyers too. Getting first time buyers to buy online is all about confidence so you may find that potential customers are more likely to buy from your GroovyCart shop than from a simple static website.

GroovyCart shops come with many features that you won't get with other shop providers or with custom built online shops.

We automatically put all of your products onto our daily Google Merchant feed, this is one of the best ways to get your products found by potential customers.

We also automatically detect if your customer is using a mobile phone to browse your GroovyCart shop, in which case we display a mobile phone version of your shop, with slimmed down content and easy navigation.

A great way to use GroovyCart if you already have a static site is to brand and colour your GroovyCart shop to compliment your site and then use the Buy Now buttons that we provide, and use groovycart as a checkout method. This way your customers can seamlessly buy from your site without expensive development work.

We look after all the security and payment methods so you don't have to, we always keep them up to date with the latest versions.

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