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GroovyCart Feature List

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Product Features
Miscellaneous Features
Customisation Options
Payment Methods
Shop Features
Order Features
Customer Features
Statistics that you can find out about your shop

Product Features

  • Add products quickly and effortlessly.
  • Set up multiple 'Attributes' on each product (e.g small/medium/large or blue/red/green etc)
  • Upload multiple images for each product, you don't need to worry about getting your images hosted.
  • Daily, automatic feed to Google Merchant. Google Merchant
  • Run promotions and special offers in just a few clicks.
  • Innovative tag system that allows you to add keywords to products to show how they are related to each other.
  • Add YouTube videos to your products. YouTube
  • Add as many postage & packaging options as you like.
  • Stock control screen that allows you to quickly control the quantity of each product available.
  • Potential customers can leave comments on your products using their Facebook account. Facebook this will give you extra internet exposure to their friends and aquaintances.

Miscellaneous Features


  • Open a free entry level shop.
  • No listing fees.
  • We don't take a percentage fee when you sell.
  • No set-up fee.
  • Buy upgrade days for extra features.
  • Upgrade your shop instantly.

Customisation Options

  • Customise your shop by changing what is displayed in the side bars, features such as 'what's new' or 'featured products' etc.
  • Straightforward colour changer, allowing you to colour your shop to suit your products .
  • Uncomplicated homepage creator allowing you to add your own content to your shop homepage or automatically advertise products on your shop (or use a mixture of the two).
  • Enter your own Returns Policy/FAQ/Additional Delivery Information.
  • Add your own style sheets (CSS) giving you endless customisable options and control over what your shop looks like.
  • Upload your own image to use as a banner.
  • Select how you want your products to be displayed (e.g. large thumbnails or small thumbnail with product description).
  • Choose a font.

Payment Methods

  • Google Checkout Google Checkout Accept payments securely using Google Checkout
  • PayPal PayPal Accept payments securely using PayPal
  • ogone Use Ogone to accept credit/debit cards, as well as many other E-wallets, micropayment and online consumption credit payment systems.
  • Accept credit/debit card transactions directly into your PayPal account with PayPal Pro without the customer needing a PayPal account.
  • Allow customers to select payment on pickup/delivery if you allow collection or offer a delivery service.
  • Cheque & postal order.

Shop Features

  • An Advanced Search allows your customers to find your products quickly and effortlessly.
  • PayPal Pre-integrated RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed to keep your customers up to date with your products.
  • Automatic listing on the GroovyCart shop catalogue.
  • Exposure to the many different search engine spiders that look at our shops. (Google, Yahoo, Bing to name just a few)
  • View each of your products ranking in Google Merchant, we also check the product content for common mistakes to help get your product higher on Google Merchant.
  • Your shop will come with a built in iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android app that will keep your customers up to date with your new products. iPhone, iPod, iPad Android
  • Easily add links to your other websites and blogs.

Order Features

  • Full order management system allowing you to monitor your sales and progress them. 
  • Optional ability to display customer feedback.
  • We give you "Buy Now" buttons that you can put on other websites that allow your customers to checkout straight from another site.

Customer Features

  • Customer management system that allows you to see detailed information on each customer.
  • Ability to send E-mail newsletters to your customers.
  • See what's in your customers baskets.

Statistics that you can find out about your shop

  • Advanced statistics showing you graphs of how many hits/orders/unique visitors you had and associate them with promotions and newsletters you have sent.
  • See the number of time each of your products has been viewed and see how popular they have been over time.
  • Stats reviewer that looks at your shop statistics and advises you on how to increase your orders.
  • Find out what other websites are linking to you and how people found your shop.
  • Use Google Analytics Google Analytics to track your customers Pageviews, Time on Site, Languages, Browser and operating systems, Location in the world And much much more.

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