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Easy to use 'add product' page.

Everything you require to add a product is all on one page, the 'add a new product' page. Add attributes (such as different sizes or colours), images and create categories. Enter and customise the product description, link your product with a delivery band (it is best to set these up before adding products) and all the delivery prices will automatically be set up.

Adding a Product


Change your shop colours with our colour changer.

You can easily change all your shop colours to suit your brand. No matter what your skill level our colour picker can help you.

  • Preset: If you want to select a colour scheme that one of our skilled developers has already created then the colour picker will show you a preview of what your shop will look like.
  • Simple: Or if you want to use the colour selector in the simple mode then you can choose the colour scheme and the colour picker will change all your shop colours to look like that.
  • Advanced: If you want to get even more creative the colour picker will allow you to change the colour of 45 different areas of your shop.
  • Full CSS: However if you are familiar with CSS (cascading style sheets) then we have a CSS editor that will allow you to restyle your GroovyCart shop.
Changing Your Shop Colours


This is an example of a shop you could have, ready to put your own products up and customise the colour.

Example shop


How do you accept payments from your customers?

We support all the major payment methods you can select to use as many of these as you like. We have a full range from accepting cheques to being able to take credit cards, and you can accept payments via online payment gateways like PayPal or Google Checkout.

Changing Your Payment Methods


Add your own CSS files to totally style the look of your GroovyCart shop, change colours and add images.

Example shop


We have a very flexible homepage editor.

Your homepage is the first thing some of your customers will see so you want it to look as good as possible. Adding text to the homepage is easy, you can use HTML if you are familiar with it, if not our text editor allows you to change the font size and align left, right or centre, plus a few other basic functions. We allow you to add sections to the homepage that will be dynamic, you can select if you want to advertise a promotion or a category and as you add and edit products into the category we will keep your homepage up to date.

Changing Your Homepage


Keep track of the products you are selling.

Add, Edit and Delete your products efficiently allowing you to get all your stock online and ready for sale quickly. You can view each of your product's ranking on Google Merchant at a glance.

View Your Products



All of our shops come as standard with a mobile smart phone version of the shop, this is called m commerce or mobile commerce and will allow customers to view your products and place orders using their iPhones, Android Phones and Windows Mobile phones.

mobile site


Add a promotion offering a discount on individual items, a whole category or all of your products.

Example shop


View your shop statistics with information on hits/orders/unique visitors and associate them with promotions and newsletters you have sent.

Also see the number of times each of your products has been viewed and see how popular they have been over time.

View Statistics About Your Shop


Send out E-mail Newsletters.

Upgraded shops can send out E-mail newsletters to their customers to inform them of news and information on new stock or discounts (promotions) and to remind them to come and shop with you.

Sending an E-mail Newsletter


Find out how your customers found you and what websites link to you.

We can show you lots of statistics about your shop including how many of your customers have clicked links from other websites to your shop, how many hits and unique visitors you are getting every day and which are your most popular products.

View Other Websites That Link to You

View Other Websites That Link to You


Keep track of your orders and your customers.

View Your Orders


Set up flexible postage methods.

Set up flexible postage methods (Postage Bands) by weight and size etc, set up as many different options as you may require, giving options for Worldwide, Europe, Parcel Monkey, Recorded, Special Delivery etc; Give the band a name e.g 'Parcel 2kg - 4kg' when you list a product you won't have to fill in all the delivery options each time.

Editing Your Postage Methods


View your customers.

View Your Customers


Add your chosen payment methods.

Example shop


Use our built-in customer management system to find information about your customers. See what orders they have placed and what feedback they gave you, even find out what they have got in their basket.

View Your Customers


Add Delivery Message/FAQ/Returns Policy which will be displayed on the relevant shop pages. It is a good way to give your customers more information about your shop and your products.

Adding Delivery Message/FAQ/Returns Policy

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