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PCI DSS Compliant Shopping Carts:  

For medium sized companies becoming PCI compliant is very important and can even be a requirement when working with larger companies (like when taking credit and debit card information).

PayPal recently demanded that all shops wishing to take payment through PayPal Pro needed to get their PCI certification.

What does PCI DSS Stand for?

PCI Stands for "Payment Card Industry" however its longer name is PCI DSS and that stands for "Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard". PCI DSS is a set of security guidelines that companies handling card holder data should adhere to.

Becoming PCI Compliant:

Becoming PCI compliant is a complex and costly process so here at GroovyCart we want to make it as easy as possible for our shops to have, because of this all of our shops are compliant and all of our working practices are also PCI compliant.

The process of getting the accreditation consists of:

  • A long questionnaire
  • Regular security scans
  • Staff training
  • A change of working practices
  • Policies and documents need to be produced

The Benefits of being PCI Compliant:

We think its a really good for businesses to become PCI compliant, it makes a company think about protecting users data, how they hold data and if they need it. It also looks at the security of the hardware and staff training.

Hopefully becoming PCI compliant will increase confidence from customers and from this a shop will get an increased conversion rate.

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