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How to accept Google Checkout on your online shop

What is Google Checkout?

Google Checkout is an incredibly easy way to receive payments from your customers. Both you and your customer need a Google Checkout account then when one of your customers makes an order on your shop you will be sent an E-mail to accept the transaction and the money will be instantly put into your account.

The advantages of Google Checkout

Google Checkout is a well-known brand name and can increase your orders just by having it available on your shop. It is also favoured by buyers, especially first time buyers, because of the excellent buyer protection it gives.

Google Checkout has also become popular because of its cheap cost per transaction for shop owners and the fact there is no monthly cost or setup cost.

Google Checkout is an express checkout, this means that customers can purchase goods from your shop without having to register as a customer first; this means customers complete their order quicker, have to fill in less information and are more likely to complete their order! Once the customer has completed their order we automatically create them an account so they get the best of both worlds.

Your customers can even pay using a credit or debit card when they use Google Checkout.

We always keep our Google Checkout integration to the latest version because it is so crucial that your customers have a good buying experience, and that is even more vital when it is on the checkout pages when customers are most likely to drop out.

Setting up Google Merchant on your online shop

Google Checkout is fully integrated into GroovyCart so setting it up is really easy, you only need to change one field on your Google Checkout account and enter your Merchant ID and Key onto GroovyCart.

Once you have the two accounts linked you can progress orders directly from your GroovyCart orders screen so you don't have to log into your Google Checkout account.

Easily add Google Checkout to your online shop
Easily add Google Checkout to your online shop.

Sell using Google Checkout
Sell using Google Checkout.
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