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What is PayPal?

PayPal is an incredibly popular method that our shops use to accept payment from their customers, either as the only method of accepting money or as a secondary method.

PayPal has become a well-known and trusted way to buy goods because of the protection provided to customers buying goods, because of this customers who see they can use PayPal to purchase products are more likely to complete their order.

PayPal requires both the customer and the shop to have an account; a standard PayPal account costs nothing to have and only costs a few percentages to the user receiving a transaction. Money can be taken out of your PayPal account and then put into your bank account or the other way around.

Use PayPal to sell your products.
Use PayPal to sell your products.

Selling with PayPal on GroovyCart

GroovyCart has a great integration with PayPal allowing you to sell your products with ease. All you need to do is enter your PayPal E-mail address and it's ready to go.

Once you have entered your PayPal E-mail address the PayPal payment gateway will be available on your checkout pages, when a customer comes to your checkout if they select to pay via PayPal they will be sent to the PayPal website to login, once they have logged in and accepted the transaction the money will be placed into your PayPal account and we will E-mail you with an address to send the products out to, it couldn't be easier.

Simple to setup PayPal on your GroovyCart shop.
Simple to setup PayPal on your GroovyCart shop.

We always keep our PayPal API up to date, we regularly check for any new features or enhancements we can add to PayPal as well as updating the integration to keep it as secure as possible.

We also use PayPal's mobile payment gateway, this works excellently with our mobile phone friendly pages, giving the customers a great user friendly experience no matter what size screen they are using.

Checkout through PayPal on your mobile phone.
Checkout through PayPal on your mobile phone.
Customise your PayPal checkout pages.
Customise your PayPal checkout pages.

Just some interesting stats:  

Most popular method to buy goods online: (2010)

Credit Card: 36%
Debit Card 33%
PayPal: 19%
Other: 12%

Data from PayPal conference

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