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PayPal Pro

What is PayPal Pro?

PayPal Pro is a method that you can use to accept credit and debit card transaction directly into your PayPal account as well as standard PayPal transactions.

Credit/Debit Cards  

When your customers make an order, if they select to pay via credit/debit card they will be shown a form to enter their card information directly from your GroovyCart shop. They will not even be aware that their money will be going into a PayPal account.

This is great because it looks really professional from the customers point of view, but you get all the benefits of your money being easily accessible and swiftly put into your account.

PayPal Standard/Express

PayPal Standard/Express requires that both you and your customer have a PayPal account, when your customer makes an order on your shop they are then taken to the PayPal website where they can log in to confirm the transaction. This makes it a really quick and easy way to make transactions as well as being very secure.

Your PayPal account is like an online wallet where you can add funds into your account and then either transfer them to other PayPal accounts or withdraw money back into your bank account.

If your customers are using a smart phone or a small screened device they will be taken to PayPal's mobile checkout, this is tailored for use on small screens and touch screen mobiles. This works perfectly with the GroovyCart mobile friendly pages giving your customers an excellent experience whatever device they use to view your shop.

Your customers can securely pay using their mobile phone with the PayPal checkout.
Your customers can securely pay using their mobile phone with the PayPal checkout.

How to set up PayPal Pro on your shop

On GroovyCart it couldn't be easier to set up PayPal on your shop. You will first need a PayPal Pro account, you then only need to enter your API Username, Password and Signature on the Payment methods page. We have a help file if you get stuck.

How much does PayPal Pro cost?

There is a monthly fee and a standard cost per transaction, however we find that PayPal Pro is still reasonably priced compared to other payment gateways. PayPal change their prices so often that you will need to check their website for an up-to-date cost.

Setup PayPal Pro on your online shop.
Setup PayPal Pro on your online shop.

Benefits to using PayPal Pro

PayPal Pro is an excellent way to quickly setup credit/debit card transactions on your shop without the need of a merchant bank account.

Your customers using PayPal can use our express checkout, this means that they can purchase goods without registering an account first, this is great because the customer has to do less to purchase your goods, so its quicker and easier for them, you get the money faster and the customer is less likely to drop out and not complete their order. Once the customer has finished their order and paid for their goods we will then automatically register an account for them using the information PayPal sent back to us and we then E-mail them their password.

PayPal is a very trusted name, so just by having PayPal as a payment method you are likely to get more orders, customers love the buyer protection they get with PayPal so they will be reassured to see you accept PayPal.

Sell using PayPal Pro
Sell using PayPal Pro.

Checkout with credit/debit cards
Checkout with credit/debit cards.

Cardinal Commerce   cardinalcommerce

If you want to accept Maestro cards on your shop with PayPal pro you will have to sign up for a Cardinal Commerce account, they are a company that provide additional security for online transactions. We would recommend getting it for the protection it provides all your cards, but it is required if you wish to accept Maestro.

This will give you the 3D Secure payment protection screen.

Your customers can by with confidence using 3D Secure provided by Cardinal Commerce.
Your customers can by with confidence using 3D Secure provided by Cardinal Commerce.
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