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Q: How do I accept payments from my customers?
A: Receiving payments from your customers is easy with GroovyCart.

There are many methods you can use to accept payments, and what's more, we don't take any transaction fees.

Some of these payment gateways may charge a fee so please see their terms and conditions.

PayPal   Pay via PayPal

Paypal is simple to set up on your GroovyCart shop, just add your paypal email address into the space provided and your customer payments will automatically be transfered into your account. Paypal is a very popular method of accepting online payments, maybe because of it's ease of use and maybe because of the protection that it offers buyers but for whatever reason it is the method that is used most on GroovyCart.

PayPal Pro   Pay via PayPal Pro

PayPal Pro allows you to take credit and debit card payments as well as standard paypal payments. Your customers can pay using their credit or debit card without having to have a paypal account and without there being any reference to paypal, it will look like a standard card payment facility. Your customers are able to use an express checkout, this will allow them to pay for their order without having to register on GroovyCart first, we create a customer account from the information that is sent back from Paypal.

Payment on Pickup/Delivery  

If you have a physical shop or you deliver your goods you can use our Payment on Pickup/Delivery. This is the same as Pickup In Store that larger retailers often offer.
This is an excellent way to get your customers to browse your products, and then secure their order before they collect.

Alternatively you may provide a service where the customers can pay you when you deliver the goods.

Ogone   Ogone

Ogone allows you to accept payment via credit/debit cards securely. Ogone also provides a large range of payment services from many different suppliers allowing you to easily manage many payment gateways from one place.

Ogone is most suited to shops with a high turnover.


Some people are uncomfortable using an online payment system and would rather send a cheque or postal order. If you want to accept payment by post then we provide you and the customer with the steps to do so.

Custom Method  

You may have your own way of accepting payment, this may be through a card terminal or over the phone etc. We have a system that allows you to create your own payment gateway and securely collect information from your customers.

Just some interesting stats:  

Most popular method to buy goods online: (2010)

Credit Card: 36%
Debit Card 33%
PayPal: 19%
Other: 12%

Data from PayPal conference

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