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Contactless Marketing with NFC

At GroovyCart we have been playing with NFC (‪Near Field Communication‬) Chips, these are the chips that can be found in Oyster Cards, Barclay PayTags and in Google Wallet.

NFC chips are very small memory cards that are thin enough to be put into stickers. You can then use mobile phones and other devices to access the data on them wirelessly. There is no battery on the chip so this allows them to be low cost and light weight, they are powered by radio waves from the mobile phone and the data can then be read and edited.

NFC Chips
NFC Chips.

There are different chips of varying signal strength and storage space. The newest of which is NTAG203 which is the smallest and has the best signal strength and storage space, however there are Ultralight C and Standard 1k NFC chips as well of different shapes and sizes.

We have put together a video showing our new business card with an NFC Chip on the back that when put near a HTC One X it boots up a browser and automatically goes to our website.

Chip Type Size Pages (number of storage areas)
NTAG 203 168 Bytes 42
Ultralight 64 Bytes 16

With the new update to android phones (4.1 Jelly Bean) there is a new icon at the top saying NFC with a wave above it. The NFC Chip can be programmed to do many things like loading a browser and adding contact information into the address book without making any changes to the phone, however with an extra app the phone can be told to change wifi information or send E-mails as well as many other things, this makes NFC chips very powerful.


NFC Ultralight
NFC Ultralight.



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