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Product QR Codes

Ok, so what's a QR Code and how can it help you sell more products on your GroovyCart shop?

QR Codes are a handy way of giving smart phone users easy, direct access to a web-site, without the need for the user to manually enter a URL web-address into the browser.

The QR Code is a checkerboard square made up of black and white squares, generally with large squares in three of the corners to help the scanner locate the QR Code.

They can be any colour, although they are generally black, and can be any size.

Example QR Code that goes to our homepage.
Example QR Code that goes to our homepage.

You may have seen them appearing in magazines and shop windows.

On GroovyCart, we have taken this one step further. A shop-owner can print-off labels which contain a picture of a product with a QR Code that contains the URL web-address of that product. In addition, a shop-owner can even print-off a label with a QR Code that just has the URL of the shop home page.

The labels are designed to fit Avery L7165 sticky labels 2x4, however you don't have to use sticky labels.

A customer can simply scan the QR Code using their smart phone, and the product will be displayed on their smart phone browser. They don't have to type the URL web-address, it is done automatically for them. They can even purchase the product using their smart phone. Incidentally, GroovyCart will detect that the device is a smart phone and will display the product so it fits the smaller screen, and is easy to read.

This is another great way to market your products. Here are some ideas on what you do with the printed labels...

  • 1) stick them in a window, so customers can purchase when you're not in,
  • 2) stick them on parcels,
  • 3) use them on business cards,
  • 4) make a printed book of your products,
  • 5) stick them on post-cards,
  • 6) fill a whole space with all your products.

You can find the QR Codes labels functionality under the Marketing button on your GroovyCart Admin-Panel.

If the smart phone doesn't have a QR Code scanner app by default, there are many QR Code scan apps available, including free ones.

There is enough redundancy in the QR code to put your own image in it.
There is enough redundancy in the QR code to put your own image in it.

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