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Social Sharing Changes 2011

AddThis are experts in how content is shared across the internet, they are the ones that host the share buttons on all of your product pages. They have posted some interesting statistics that they have gathered over the last year, so we thought we would share some of the highlights with you.

Facebook makes up 52.1% of all sharing on the web.

This is hardly surprising, Facebook have the numbers and make it so easy to share content to a captive audience. I wonder how long they can keep this up with all the competition that is out there.

Twitter makes up 13.5% of sharing and grows 576.9%

I'm shocked that sharing on Twitter has grown so much, I thought that twitter had reached its peak. I think this growth must be because they added an automatic ability to shorten links making it really easy to share websites.

Tumblr sharing grows by 1299.5% and is accelerating.

The interesting point about this figure is the fact that it is still increasing. Personal blogs have really changed from being something celebrities and companies have to a way individuals can share their thoughts and interesting things they find.

Address Bar sharing creates 1600% viral lift.

While this is a massive amount, it is a new service AddThis have added and have been really pushing over the last few months, so I don't think they can sustain this growth for next year.

StumbleUpon Creates a 320% viral lift.

While Stumble Upon doesn't generally work for online shops it is a great way to reach an open audience who are actively looking for interesting items to look at.

Google +1 grows 373% but has plateaued.

This will really disappoint Google, while they have been attracting a steady flow of users from Facebook, users still tend to share content from the comfort of Facebook.

E-mail, Print and Favourite make up 14.4% of sharing.

While Stumble doesn't work very well for shops E-mail, printing and favouriting work extremely well for us. Many customers will bookmark a product to purchase later or E-mail products to friends.

Digg sharing continues to decline by 47.7%

Digg works well for news articles however its format makes it less beneficial for products. Digg will really struggle to get back ground on the powerhouse that is Facebook, as users tend to share news articles on Facebook rather than dedicated news sites like Digg.

MySpace sharing continues to decline by 56.9%

This shocked me because I didn't think anyone still used MySpace. While they used to have a huge market share in the social world, they now only have the odd small band use them. It's design does not encourage sharing at heart so I only expect this figure to keep declining.

Sharing on mobile devices has grown 6 fold.

Browsing on mobile devices is so easy now and with the widespread use of tablets I expect this to keep on increasing until it matches desktop figures.

Find the full list of facts here.

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