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This is the biggest update we have ever made to GroovyCart.

This is the biggest update we have ever made to GroovyCart.

Let me take you on a tour of the main new changes to our website:

Our homepage:

We have totally rewritten our homepage, We hope you like our new look and logo, sorry if you thought you went to the wrong websites.

The main reason for the update was to give better SEO to our shops. Google should now find new shops and products faster and categorise our shops and products better.

This new homepage also gives us more tools to communicate help to our shop owners. This allows us to give you more help and support through our help manual and blog.

New Admin Panel:

We hope you have also seen our new Shop Administration Panel, we wanted to be the best looking shop hosting service around. We hope you found it easy to get used to this new style. It allows us to better inform you of new notifications and events while still giving you quick access to all our features.

We will move all of the other admin pages to this new style once we have worked out the best way to do this.

New Templates:

We have written a whole new templating engine on our shops, this means we can now style our shops however we like, while still using the power that the GroovyCart product system gives us.

We plan to release a new template every few weeks.

This means shops can now select between 3 different types of shop:

  • Select Colours – This is how our original system used to work, select the colours of different areas.
  • Stencil – Customisable templates, you get some control over the layout of the template
  • Full templates – New, Highly stylised templates with the least customisation options

These are just 3 of the main changes we have made. There have also been many smaller improvements to the site including many new features, better hardware and performance tuning to make our pages load as fast as possible, as well as improved SEO, bug fixes and security patches.

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